Insight is a video production company specializing in surgical procedural and product promotional programs. Insight utilizes the skills and talents of many other video artists, cameramen, animators, medical illustrators, and field personnel. Our emphasis at Insight is in creating and producing whole programs through cost-effective, controllable preproduction, production, and post-production techniques. Insight has produced multiple programs in all video genres listed on the genre page, and we have extensive familiarity with all surgical subspecialties.

Bill Vogler previously created and managed a media department at UCSF/Mt. Zion Medical Center from ground zero. Before Insight, Bill produced some of the most visually stunning and award winning programs to ever come out of any major teaching medical center. Bill takes care of most of the business end of Insight Surgical Productions, and he is a technical master on the production floor and he is the man at the helm in the post-production process.

Insight knows how to communicate effectively with surgeons and O.R. staff, and how to create programs with imagination and impact that speak the language of the surgical environment. The result is a video program that gives life and character to the product line you want to promote.

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