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Consider This Before You Even Think About Producing Video Programs!

As a Marketer of Surgical Instrumentation, Implants, and Operating Room Equipment, you know that there is one common characteristic of the surgical community.

 Above all else, Surgeons are visual professionals. 

Surgeons use their eyes to operate as much as their hands and instrumentation. In fact, by nature most surgeons are as acutely visual as graphic artists, photographers, and filmmakers. Many of them spend countless dollars and vacation time visiting champion surgeons, just to see them operate and learn new procedures. “Seeing the procedure is the next closest thing to performing the procedure,” as we have heard several surgeons say.

For the marketer, this means that there is a golden opportunity to reach this visual market, through visual media and multimedia, that responds to the needs and interests of the surgeon on multiple levels. Video programs, animation, artwork, convention floor displays, and computer-generated programs have historically yielded excellent results for most every marketing strategy.

Insight Surgical Productions is a video production house specializing in producing medical video programs focusing on surgical procedures and surgical product promotion. We have produced numerous programs encompassing the entire spectrum of program possibilities:

Academic Surgical Procedural Programs
Surgical Procedural/Promotional Programs
Product Promotional Programs
Convention Floor Promotional Programs
Live Event Capture & Satellite Uplink
2D & 3D Animation Segments
Instructional & Assembly Programs
Cadaveric Dissection Programs
Surgeon Interview & Forum Discussion Programs
Seminar & Workshop Capture
Patient Education Programs
Sales Force Motivational Programs
National Sales Meeting Programs
Employee Motivation and Instructional Programs
“Eye Candy” Product Promotionals Set To Music
Video News Releases, Documentary, & TV Commercials

At Insight Surgical Productions our philosophy is very simple. We strive to take as much work out of the product managers‘ hands as possible.

Notoriously, the first few stages of planning and producing a program are when the product manager has to work to the bone while putting the elements of a video program together, writing the script, viewing window dubs, making editing decision lists, and at the same time continue with routine duties. At these stages, many product managers thought that hiring that “medical” video company would have saved a lot more time and effort, but are now finding that they are actually putting the program together themselves, because the “medical” video company doesn‘t know surgery like they claimed they did. The footwork increases, pressure mounts, then deadlines get postponed. Video production does not have to go this way.

Insight Surgical Productions specializes in making this process as easy as possible for our clients. First of all, Insight Surgical is made up of surgical people, not just video people. Before we even walk into the O.R., Insight studies the procedure from a surgeons’ point of view. Insight prides itself at getting the shot. We know how to communicate effectively with surgeons and O.R. staff, and how to create programs with imagination and impact that speak the language of the surgical environment. The result is a video program that gives life and character to the product line you want to promote, or to the academic program you have sponsored.

 Here are just some of the ways Insight strives to benefit our clients:

 Organization & Decision Before Action!

Insight believes in concept organization, solid scripting, research, study, and doing our homework before production and editing. We strive to eliminate fix-its and program repairs through thorough review and decision lists. This is one of the key focal points we endeavor to maintain throughout all of our work efforts. We have found that video programs well-thought-out have a much higher production value than those that are done in the last minute. Also, by enrolling the surgeon into the scripting process before the shoot, the final programs have a fullness of content without loose ends, and enable the client to have much more control over the final product. The earlier you initiate the video production process the more direction you have over the quality of the program.

Cost Savings Through Content Expertise!

With Insight you get a scrub tech, an O.R. manager, an educator, a scriptwriter, director, cameraman, video engineer, editor, and someone that knows how to pronounce medical terms all rolled into one. This means that you don‘t have to baby-sit your producer through word pronunciations, title spellings, or through the editing process. Also, above all, we know the anatomy! We have yet to have a surgeon tell us that we misplaced footage in a program. With Insight you get a completed program on time and on budget!

Scripting Power!

Insight advocates scripting, which brings tremendous cost benefits to your program. Take advantage of it. It‘s free! Scripting is included in the full production of your program! We save product managers days and even weeks of work when we script. Your input and revisions control the final script, but why toil with the tedious job of scripting when Insight provides it for free? 

At Home In The OR!

With a combined 40 years of experience in the O.R., and having scrubbed in on every type of procedure imaginable, hospitals feel at ease, and even embrace us when we come into the operating room. After all, the surgical suite was home to our work family in the days before Insight Surgical Productions. We know what kind of impact the O.R. can have on your production, so we strive to treat all hospital personnel like gold, and always keep in mind that we are representing your company. In fact, many hospitals have even referred clients and invited us back!

Talk The Language and Code Of Surgeons!

Insight knows which speech is appropriate and which is not. We know when the company’s voice can say something, and when the surgeon has to give the guidelines. We know how to advertise to physicians in subliminal ways, when it is appropriate, and when to get promotional. We speak the language of surgery and know the code of communication.

We Know What The Surgeon Wants To See!

Originally, many years ago, Insight thought it was developing a business that specialized in getting a second take at the shots that the first video crew missed. Of course, it didn’t take very long for our clients to figure out that it cost less to send us, even when the local video crew successfully shot the footage. So why throw good money after bad, or take the chance on your production? Insight possesses a discerning eye for what the surgeon audience wants to see in a program. We also know how to give emphasis to make products look great.

Why Torture Your Champion Surgeon!

Keep your champion surgeon your friend! Why bring a video crew into surgery that doesn‘t know the procedure or even sterile technique? When you do, you have just turned the surgeon into a video director, while he also has to perform surgery. You have also turned the circulator into a policeman that has to follow the video crew around to make sure that they don‘t contaminate the sterile field. Insight takes control of the operating room so the pressure is off the surgeon and the circulator. This also makes your company look great.

Video Programs Are Much More Than Video Capture!

Some people think that all the video crew does in the operating room is video “capture” the surgery. Insight, on the other hand, knows that there is much more to a program than video capture. Reiterating the principles of concept organization, solid scripting, research, study, and doing our homework before production and editing, we know that the quality of the program is an extension of the original conceptualization process. Knowing what kind of shots and statements we want for the program before we step onto the production floor yields a better end product every time.

Save Your Company Time & Money!

We have not had a physician or product manager edit with us, view original tape window dubs for us, or even produce an editing decision list for a full program. This means tremendous savings for your company. Think of all those hours spent, with the product manager on the clock, deciding what footage goes into the program, because a “medical” video company was hired that doesn’t know surgery. We know of two product managers that actually had to view over 80 hours of window dubs and draw up an editing decision list for two different “medical” video companies. Do you have time for that? The opportunity costs are considerably higher when inexperienced video companies are used.

Coast to Coast Through The Entire Production Process!

Although our studio is located in San Francisco, the majority of our clients are on the other side of the country, and they claim it is easier doing business with us than their local video companies. Insight is so well plugged into the high-tech world of todays virtual office that we are even capable of conducting the majority of our business while on the road. Working with us is the next closest thing to having us just down the street. We make sure that our clients don’t miss a beat when it comes to meeting deadlines. A testament to this is the continual repeat service we give to most of our clients.

No Travel Time Charges!

Insight is packed and ready to go! A surgical video crew has to be ready for travel. We do not charge for travel time anywhere on the North American Continent or Europe when we produce the full program for you. We also strive to keep room and board as inexpensively as possible for your company when we do travel. Also, most of our video equipment is specifically designed for the operating room.

Achieve Maximum Control Of The Program!

One obvious advantage is that with Insight you actually have even more control over the program. You are in the commander’s seat with an exceptionally capable company there to serve you. Insight Productions is dedicated to the living concept of teamwork and excellence. We strive to create programs that excel in making your company and product line look great. Consider Insight Surgical Productions part of your team, because that is how we endeavor to serve you. We only look great if we make you look great!

Keep Your Sights On The Big Picture!

The quality of the video reflects the quality of your product. This is even the case when a surgeon demonstrates your product with homemade video. When you use your sales force to distribute a surgeon‘s homemade video, you give it your stamp and signature and it looks like it was generated by your company, connoting the quality of your product. Establish a high “production value” video style for your company and stick to it. Once a viewer has seen two of your programs with the same stylistic qualities, they know what to expect after that, and they will come back for the next program. Think “series” and not just program. This principle is forever overlooked by most companies, yet has not been overlooked by the few companies that magnetize the crowds to their convention booths every year.

The Opportunity Is There For You To Participate In Surgeon Education!

The programs Insight produces for our clients can be edited down for academic submission. Companies can support medical educational and medical inservice efforts by helping surgeons present procedural programs at meetings and seminars which reach large audiences. This increases credibility for your company.


Insight also knows that confidentiality is of utmost importance in todays competitive medical industry. Insight has a policy of not talking about products or companies with other clients, and is willing to sign non-disclosure agreements when necessary.

Several Other Ways In Which Insight Saves Product Managers Time & Money:

Why compromise your program when it costs less to get quality?


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